Training courses in public speaking skills are designed to familiarize participants through 3 modules with the most important handicraft field of rhetorical techniques and public speaking skills. This work is presented in the examples and practical exercises through which students acquire skills that will be used in daily challenges. Through these blocks participants will master techniques to eliminate stage fright and gain security in their own performance, to smoothly accomplish professional goals.

Module 1 lasts for two months and is considered the primary education of speech in the public sphere. This module considers the educational framework which will acquire basic knowledge of professional public appearance in relation to different audiences.

Module 2 and Module 3 are considered as expansion of the basic knowledge regarding the professional approach to public speaking, and each one individually, are provided within a time period of one month.

For modules 2 and 3 there is a possibility of organizing individual training. In this way, the entire attention is paid to the individual and allows you to achieve maximum effect in accordance with the learning needs of students.

Before the start of the course, scheduled interviews with each student, in order to examine their motives, willingness and interest in attending the course, and thus ensure maximum commitment to each student. Attendance at any time within the two-month course is mandatory.

It is possible to attend only one module of the course ‘public speaking skills’.


Start date: 01.04.2016

Duration: 2 months – 2 double classes (3 hours) per week
Certificate: Upon completion of the course, students receive the appropriate certificate.
Cost: EUR 150; for students of ‘John Naisbitt ‘ University EUR 120
Target group: Employees in small and medium enterprises, cultural institutions, education, science and information, students and other interested candidates.
Director and lecturer: Assistant Leana Vuckovic, PhD
NOTE: Class attendance is mandatory.