The Center for career guidance, counseling and lifelong learning is a form of educational achievement that offers innovative educational programs and the benefits of modern learning approaches used and which contributes to the development of the mission of lifelong learning.

Special attention is paid to the programs through which knowledge is developed, skills acquired and abilities- necessary for successful work in the modern organization, are applicable in different contexts – irrespective of the primary activities of some companies or organizations. Constantly changing labor market and the need for personnel with different profiles lead to career pursuance of a modern and systematic manner. From this emerged the need to provide advisory services related to career development, which is of great importance for young people who have yet to meet with the world of work, and the prospective employer and associates presented in the best possible way. Developing the competencies of the individual stands out from the competition and makes it more attractive business partner.

Educational programs (training, seminars, workshops) are led by the eminent professors and lecturers with rich work experience, and the workspace in which the training is performed is modern and provisional.

Practice and volunteering are the best ways to apply the acquired knowledge and work experience, an opportunity for the individual to present oneself to the  employer, to stand out in the competition and to timely identify and choose the direction in which the person wants to develop his career. Organized by the Center, the students may have the practice at the most successful domestic and foreign companies, institutions of culture, education, science and information, in accordance with their preferences and achieved success in studies.  In addition, volunteering on various projects and in various organizations and institutions enables acquisition of diverse knowledge, skills and experience that can be valuable in the process of building a career and career development.

The Center assists you in finding the proper practice or voluntary service.