The Center for career development, counseling and lifelong learning mediates in the organization of practice and voluntary involvement of students of “John Naisbitt” University. In order to become one of the trainees or volunteers, and gain valuable work experience in one of the most successful domestic and foreign companies, institutions of culture, education, science and information, you need to be registered.

After online registration, it is required to pay an annual membership fee of 400,00 RSD on the account number: 375-3153-51, purpose of payment: Fee for the Center, after which your data will be entered into the database. As a registered user, you will receive information about all current events, competitions for practice / volunteering, as well as courses and seminars organized by the Center. Thereby you gain the right of applying for practice and volunteer engagements on which you can get more information here.

It is necessary to bring the proof of payment to the Info Center of the University, in 8 Goce Delceva street,  11070 New Belgrade, every working day from 9 am to 16 pm, Tuesdays from 9 to 18 h.

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